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G. I . L . F. is a community based organization created to help improve the lives of children, and others in need.

Our primary purpose is to play a supporting role in the lives of our community members. While providing the life skills, that will enable, each person to succeed in his or her life endeavors.

G. I . L . F. will work with the youth to build good characters through self-esteem programs, such as life skills workshops, career counseling, job training, SAT Prep, and other programs that will encourage the youth to reach their full potential while working hard to reach their individual goals.

 G. I . L . F. is currently working with some of the youth, and adults in the community, through organized sports, such as basketball and other activities.



“ Our past is unchangeable but, what we do in the present, decides our future ”



Feeling Life's Blues

" Always Remember that God

Loves you !! "